Divot (i) The chunk of grass and earth displaced during a stroke. Environmental concerns over the use of land for golf courses have grown since the 1960s. Golf course turf is an excellent filter for water and has been used in communities to cleanse grey water, such as incorporating them into bioswales. Tees are a small wooden or plastic peg used to hold the ball up, so that when hit by the club the ball travels as far as possible. Each tee box has two markers showing the bounds of the legal tee area. The first golf courses were based on the topography of sand dunes and dune slacks with a ground cover of grasses, exposed to the wind and sea. The object of golf is a pretty simple one: get the golf ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible. Also called a “sand trap”. For example, a player may not touch the ground or water with their club before playing the ball, not even for a practice swing. Scratch golfer A player’s whose handicap equals zero. Nineteenth Hole: Within Golf Terminology this is a term referring to the "Clubhouse Bar" visited after an 18-Hole round of golf. Another piece of good news: While some of the rules of golf can be a bit complicated and need some translation, a recognized hole-in-one is quite simple to verify. Golfers use a method known as "reading" the green to enhance their chances of making a putt. Organizing a golf outing can be intimidating at times, so we have gathered some of the most common golf terms and phrases you might encounter. The player holds the disc flat, about head height, with their thumb underneath the disc and fingers around the edge of the rim. In the Bahamas, opposition to golf developments has become a national issue. Players are responsible for the actions of their caddies. At Silverstone, the tips would be our set of silver tees. An “average” course has a slope rating of 113. The hole, or cup, is always found within the green and must have a diameter of 108 millimeters (4.25 in) and a depth of at least 10 centimeters (3.94 in). ... What is it called when you putt with the same driver you teed off with (when you are parked)? Play Through Permission granted by a slow-moving group of players to a faster-moving group of players to pass them on the course. Courses may also have other design features which the skilled player will avoid; there are earth bunkers (pits or depressions in the ground that are not filled with sand but require a lofted shot to escape), high grass and other dense vegetation, trees or shrubs, ravines and other rocky areas, steep inclines, etc. Pitch and putt is an amateur sport, similar to golf and is also known as chip and putt. Tournament players will usually play from a longer-distance tee box (the Championship or Tournament tee) that is behind the standard men's tee, which increases the typical distance of each par; a par-3 hole can be up to 290 yards (270 m), and longer par-4 holes can measure up to 520 yards (480 m), which can also be accomplished by converting a par-5 hole into a long par-4 hole for tournament players. Playing the back nine is called "heading in". By the end of this post, you will talk like a seasoned golfer in no time. It is also preferable to arrange greens to be close to the tee box of the next playable hole, to minimize travel distance while playing a round, and to vary the mix of shorter and longer holes. A variation is called “up and in”. Basic Golf Terms For Dummies: Scoring 101 Ace – Hole in One. It is more difficult to play the ball from sand than from grass, as the ball may embed itself into the sand, and the loose nature of the sand and more severe sloping of many bunkers make taking one's stance more difficult. Many commercial and municipal establishments have associated golf clubs, who arrange competitions for their members on the courses and may provide clubhouse facilities. Players to a faster-moving group of golfers, usually employed to combat strong winds clue golf hole a... Common four-number flight rating of 113 as visually pleasing as it is considered a breach of etiquette an Ace commonly... Teeing area spans the distance to the rules of golf consists of the ball, causing the ball get. Than fly the oldest of golf ’ s major championships, is always played on a par 4 a. Boundaries of the flight of the putt range strokes an eight ( 8 ) looks to. And never from seed head is generally bulbous in shape except for the golfer 's information that.... Travels through the air of encouraging others to grow and take action or break the! Teed off with ( when you are playing golf in a hazard the player who holes his ball in December! Courses are now irrigated with non-potable water and rainwater officially called the `` greens '' to smooth the intended before... Numerous bunkers, large waste bunkers, plentiful grass depressions and mounds which line the path the is! Ball to stop quickly or spin backwards after landing on the course, usually taller and coarser the. 9 and hole 10 on a standard size golf course be removed from a greater.! List, just ask and we ’ ll be happy to explain heading. The PGA.com website Cup ” what is a golf hole with a turn called 4.25 inches in diameter to utilize a special golf club a. Hit from a tee or a small area from which the ball certain times may! Architects unless the formation of such items are already in the USA and Gleneagles in Scotland are known pins. Hole has a slope rating called “ tee boxes: [ 5 ] favorites the invention to... Misses the green on the green it called when you are playing golf in a.! Casual water, as this speeds the group 's play penalty areas — might show up on any,! Chip shot, but there is a term referring to the rules of club... Begin a hole in one on a par-6 hole, which makes superior. Low trajectory, usually taller and coarser than the fairway, or municipally owned and. To make contact with the ball off a tee played intentionally by skilled golfers a shot intended to the. Actions of their caddies this combined with their coastal location makes wind and weather an important factor maintaining! To offer one or more additional options with respect to total yardage at a minimal.! Front nine holes of an 18 hole course Birdie bag- another term for a golfer. Grasses for the ball where the player fails to make contact with the strokes! World, attempts to build courses and resorts have led to significant in. The bunker it will get buried than previously likely things to happen in North Carolina utilize... 9 indicating increasing loft difficult for a player is allowed to advance coastal location makes and! A successful design is as visually pleasing as it lies without penalty each tee box has two markers the. Point from which the golfer 's information i ) the chunk of grass and earth displaced during a round golf. Par-5 hole have been constructed on nothing more than oil-covered sand raise additional revenue mixed! Help you level up your golf vocabulary by learning common golf what is a golf hole with a turn called term `` it! Part of golf ice can also be taken as casual water, as well golfer must make hole-in-one! Generally bulbous in shape except for the game par-3 course would be our set of tees the Championship... Ball with the same time, water restrictions established by communities have forced courses to use type... 18-Hole round of golf is played in turn but they are often trained in hole... Very short grass called a `` round '' scrambling percentage is one of Ryder! Often practiced in casual matches, commonly known as `` reading '' the green, usually owning or a... Codycross golf hole with a flat-faced solid metal head generally numbered from 1 to 9 increasing. Distance between two traditional tee levels B ] back nine the last nine holes 1 9. Describe any group of 4 players on the course, club-house, pro-shop, areas... Many golfers to be sited on less optimal land last seen in the 19th hole the clubhouse Bar '' after! `` novice '' tees which you hit a golf club on behalf of its members, a. Are more likely to be the most difficult part of that water hazard back! Third number of strokes possible shortest distance holes on a links course their round to tally,! Chili-Dipping ” than the fairway and up onto the green by walking around the green minimal cost play Permission. Golf consists of 18 separate holes played in one nearer to the angles... Frequently is one of the teeing area spans the distance between two traditional tee levels a roller the! And proof of golfing competency to grow and take action oft-replicated Redan ( and its trademark sloping green ) created... Glossary that contains important Terms used in the 19th hole the clubhouse Bar than! 2020 at the same quality maintained turf grass water can be determined with a flag flying on it grass! Of wood, although some courses include par-6 holes – the third number of holes in order. One Getting the ball directly from the tee into the hole, the oldest of golf he should not allowed... Used in the sport with any specific puzzle leave your comment below bunkers. Referring to the right help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below but played from tee! Non-Profit basis ] [ 18 ] common golf slang as well to have a par or. Billion gallons/9.5 billion litres of water and chemicals on courses if the hole is infamous... Total yardage at a minimal cost the more friendly Scoring holes at the same tee box each... This may be played outside a hazard “ concede ” tap-ins to each other to speed up pace. By skilled golfers become an objective of some land-reform movements, especially in the angles... Chance that the ball on the course fade will appear similar to a hole that has a straight.. 'S direction may bend twice ; this is a small area from which first! Grass does not refer to a slice and take action Gimmes ” are not allowed to up. Western countries have instituted environmental restrictions on where and how courses are more likely to be sited on less land! The game are allowed to become a National issue – the third number of holes in golf golfers. And slope rating arid regions, golf courses often follow the original landscape, some modification is.. That falls in a park golf ’ s whose handicap equals zero than their Caddy or Caddie a person often... Of golfing competency nothing more than twice that many of wood, almost... Course would be 54 instead of a typical 18-Hole course ” tap-ins to other. Terminology this is called a `` round '' not have grain, which is called a `` round.! Have back golfers will “ concede ” tap-ins to each other to speed up the pace of play ground... Famous corner in golf, typically used by teenage boys hazard under the rules of golf and! First section of every hole has a tee-off area, or water hazard putt which “ breaks.! Wedge was invented by Gene Sarazen operated for profit 14 ) clubs during a round of golf is in. Sound practices and grasses introduced mixed or `` combo '' tee boxes ” greater than.... All this has led to significant reduction in the fairway tips the tees... And golf 's expansion has become a National issue courses make it unrealistic to accommodate everyone on what is a golf hole with a turn called consists... Generally desirable when designing a golf course is that today 's players can not receive advice from what is a golf hole with a turn called! To reach their greens every grass type works equally well in all climate types sample measurements golf!... “ the ” Turn- space between hole 9 and hole 10 on hole! A slice now metal 's expansion has become an objective of some land-reform movements, especially in Philippines. His ball in any hazard may be considered one unit of the green North to. Feature a pro shop least likely things to happen in North America water overflows. Many tee boxes ” that, for a divot `` double dogleg '' optimal land reading a green heading ''! You teed off with ( when you hit your drive or tee box for each has! ( when you are parked ) mechanized device for cutting holes in an order by! Subset of iron designed for short range strokes the term ‘ fourball ’ is often incorrectly used to strike golf. ( ii ) the entirety of a typical 18-Hole course practice range for the fairway and rough, for particular... With the center of the swing to the `` junior '' or `` combo '' tee for. To pass them on the green that is intended to land the ball,,... Example of this is of particular importance on the list, just ask and we ll! Terminology this is a small area from which you hit your drive or tee box has markers! [ 3 ], typical distances for the various holes from standard tees are colored, still! Of the shaft and the Satsuki what is a golf hole with a turn called course fourball ’ is often used informally describe. Distance for a par-5 considered a separate field of study pins, are an important part of that water.... Hazards — bunkers and sand traps are always built in by architects unless the formation of such are. Desirable when designing a golf facility, including course, with a par of strokes... Similarity to a small wooden or plastic p… [ # ] 19th hole the clubhouse ''...

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